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Matters need attention of using shot blasting machine
2014/8/4 Ķ[8155]
Matters need attention of using shot blasting machine


       1.Operate the equipment need to training and be familiar with the machine performance and characteristics.

       2.Operator need to be familiar with operating procedure , use , maintenance of shot blasting machine instructions.

       3.Operator must check if all kinds of switch cabinet (panel) are set in the required position (including the power switch) and then start up in order to avoid misoperation, damage the electrical and mechanical equipment, caused the accident.
4. Non-operating personnel strictly shall not operate and touch the electric switch, and shall not be close to the native workspace, avoid accident.
5. The operator must wear protective overalls, glasses, etc.
6. Operating personnel must pay special attention to various kinds of instrument panel when starting up the machine , when all the instructions in the instrument are normal, then operate the small crane (roller) in the process of work. When individual instrument have bigger error is found (abnormal) , turn it off immediately. Check the failure and then work properly .
7. In the operation of the equipment, operators must check whether there are abnormal noise and inspect each part of overheating. if there is serious fault found, press the "stop" button and repair, cooperate with professionals to solve the problem.
8. This equipment operating personnel must according to "equipment management" to do weekly and daily maintenance (including lubrication). cleaning the dust and debris inside the dust catcher weekly, lest affect quality of dust removal, to ensure the integrity rate of the equipment.
9 The operator must be civilized production and safety in production at the same time, strictly implement the system of succession.
10. After work ,the machine power switch need to be immediately cut off, lest make the device is in operation. And clean up

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