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Operating instructions of shot blasting machine
2014/8/4 Ķ[7964]

Operators must pay attention to the electric cabinet in the process of operating equipment whether the  instrument display is normal.
1. Every operator who enter into the blasting chamber must wear protective glasses and helmet.
2. The operator must inspect the equipment every day.
Including: the lubrication part and mechanical part.
Lubrication part such as reducer, hydraulic pressure, oil mist, and bearing chain.
Mechanical parts such as: wear and tear of rotating parts and quick-wear parts .

Example: shot blasting machine has the vibration must immediately stop and replace blades.
To register situation of wear every day, and should replace quick-wear parts timely.
3. Lubrication should guarantee the refueling timely
4. Directional sheath must adjust and change timely.
5. Check that if the amount of steel shot is enough every day.

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